Dayton Ohio Lawyers Representing Both Law Enforcement Officers and Criminal Defendants

At the law offices of Terry W. Posey and Robert L. Caspar, Jr. we are a general practice and represent individuals with all types of problems. What makes us so special? We came out of our comfort zone and became lawyers after retiring as police officers. Our understanding of how the legal system works and the processing of criminals within that system gives us an advantage over other lawyers without this background.

We represent police officers and deputy sheriffs on one hand and, on the other hand, we represent those charged with criminal offenses. This is something we have done since the beginning of our practice.

Is this an anomaly? Others may think so, but it is what we do and is why many of our clients have come to recognize us as their law office of choice.

Our “ready-made” client base has been good to us, and we have represented that base as we would want to be represented. Wanting something better in our practice than the mediocre law practices we had seen, we decided to make our law practice unique, so that we could make a positive difference for our clients.

Law enforcement officers need representation in civil cases, domestic relations issues, departmental hearings, criminal defense, pension rights, union rights and workers compensation cases. Some of this representation (including cases of accused civil rights violations and alleged criminal acts) found its way to the front page of local and national newspapers and has been the opening story on the 6:00pm news in some areas. We have, in the last 25 years, represented more law enforcement officers on these issues than probably any local law firm.

Why do we feel that we are the best law firm to represent police officers? We believe that every individual in a free society is entitled to a vigorous representation. Law enforcement officers, just as every individual, are entitled to the attorney of his or her choice. We have been the law office of choice for literally thousands of police officers over the past 25 years.

Some of our clients have been referred to us by bailiffs, police, sheriffs, as well as others in the criminal justice system. Not only do we represent these individuals, but we also, on many occasions, represent their family members. Most individuals in the criminal justice system know many attorneys, either personally or by reputation, and we are proud that they recommend our law firm as their first choice.

Our law office also represents criminal defendants not connected with law enforcement officers. Some may ask, “How can you represent a criminal defendant when you are representing law enforcement officers?” The simple answer is that charges are brought by the State of Ohio, and the state is a party to the case. The law enforcement officer is only a witness called by the State of Ohio about those charges. We have never found a conflict and consistently adhere to the Disciplinary Rules of Ohio.

The members of our law offices have devoted their time, talent and treasury to the Judicial System of the State of Ohio and of our country and will continue to do so.

All of our attorneys are licensed by the Supreme Court of Ohio and the United States Supreme Court and follow the rules set out by those governing bodies. Our offices are open to all individuals.